Concrete Services

Experienced Residential and Commercial Concrete Contractors in Ottawa

We offer a range of residential and commercial concrete finishes and styles to help provide unmatched durability and performance advantages. It’s easy to assume all concrete is the same. When it comes to your business and home, concrete is the affordable, durable, flexible, and long-lasting advantage you need.

At SRS Construction Inc., we offer a full range of concreting services with extensive experience in Ottawa’s commercial and residential sectors. Having the assistance of world-class and experienced concrete constructionspecialists in the industry, you are in safe hands. You end up getting your concrete jobs done efficiently, quickly, and in a professional manner.

If you’re ready to meet the high demands for structural performance, enhance your business facilities, support your crucial infrastructure and elevate your space, our team is ready and dedicated to getting the job done.

Here are some of the benefits our clients enjoy when working with us:

Strength in all conditions

Whether foot traffic or vehicle thoroughfare, commercial and residential concrete provides support for heavy loads, pressure, and weight that won’t crack, break, or chip.

Design flexibility

There are no limitations on how to shape and mold your concrete so you have the complete freedom to work with any shape or space.

Cost savings

Concrete can help reduce heating/cooling costs by up to 29% as an energy-efficient surface that gives you greater control over your costs.

Fire safety

A concrete surface provides a safe and lasting barrier against fire which makes it ideal in warehouses, restaurants, and a range of other industrial settings.


Built to last, our concreting solutions can stand firm across decades of use which protects you against unnecessary repairs or upgrades.

Quality Work At Affordable Prices

At SRS Construction Inc., you can be assured of the foundation’s quality. Our motto and pride have been to provide quality work at the most competitive prices.

With more than a decade of experience, we have handled all kinds of concrete building and developing projects. Whether it is large or small, simple or complex, we have done it with a good success rate.

Also, we work closely with our clients to ensure that each project is done as per the required engineering and design specifications. We strive to have open communication with our clients. In addition, we believe in creating and developing a long-term relationship based on workmanship and integrity.

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